July 9, 2018

High Level Panel Sessions

OPENING SESSION – Setting the stage
Opening session to welcome participants and to deliver the objectives and overview of the conference, as well as to frame and set the stage of the perspectives in advancing knowledge sharing effectiveness – from policy to practical experiences.
During the opening session, there will be remarks from high-level officer of Development Partners such as World Bank Group, Japan International Aid Agency (JICA), and Islamic Development Bank as the key partners of promoting Knowledge Sharing.
Minister of National Development Planning/Head of of Bappenas as the host of the event will give the keynote speech and officially open the HLM4 on CLKS.

High-Level Panel Discussion 1
Institutionalizing Knowledge Sharing: Pathways to foster local innovation
It’s worth noting that the role of local institutions in overcoming development challenges are getting more and more important than ever before. These solutions and innovations need to be identified, captured, and shared for national or international scale-up to accelerate the achievement of the national and international development goals. Reflecting that spirit, this session aims to discuss effective strategies to empower local stakeholders to come up with creative solutions to overcome development challenges and serve as inspirations to peers at national and international levels. Moreover, this session aims to answer the question of integrating this knowledge sharing process into a country’s national development policy strategy and how do the role of international institutions in supporting this process.

Guiding questions:

  1. How do countries integrate knowledge sharing concepts and implementation into their national development policy strategy?
  2. How do international institutions support and encourage countries to institutionalize knowledge sharing?


High-Level Panel Discussion 2
Strategies for identifying and capturing local innovations

The truth about local innovations is that they’re very often missed by the authority which hindered them from creating bigger and more impactful changes. Often times, the question is not about how can the government solves their problems but more about how they know what they know as a country? How can a government ensure that knowledge in overcoming development challenges are effectively flown vertically across institutions?
This session aims to discuss strategies for effective identification and capturing of local innovations. In answering that, the session will feature speakers from different fields of expertise to ensure a comprehensive exposure towards the issue. High-ranked officials from development planning, finance, disaster management, as well as international development agency are scheduled to speak in this session.

Guiding questions:

  1. What are good practices systematic documentation of local innovations?
  2. What are effective quality control and validation mechanisms?
  3. How can local knowledge serve as inspiration for partners internationally?