July 9, 2018

Knowledge Market Place

Date and Time:
15 October 2018 | 13.30 – 15.00

Foyer Area | Main Building
Inaya Putri Bali

The market place aims to bring together national and international stakeholders to learn from each other’s local innovations and development solutions. The market place format allows for one-on-one discussions and knowledge sharing with the goal to foster peer learning across provincial and national borders.

Local innovations and knowledge sharing solutions will be presented in open-air market place booths. There are more than 15 institutions that have been scheduled to showcase their innovations in this knowledge market place session.

  1. Learning and sharing on Disaster Management

BNPB, Indonesia

  1. Documenting and sharing village innovations

Ministry of Villages, Indonesia

  1. Investment quality verification and auditing

BPKP, Indonesia

  1. Learning from approaches to improve health and nutrition for child and maternal mother

Ministry of Health, Indonesia and JICA

  1. Investing in people and infrastructure in urban slums

Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia

  1. Facilitating knowledge sharing on urban water and sanitation development

Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia

  1. Knowledge sharing in the context of the Forest Investment Program

Ministry of Forestry and Environment, Indonesia

  1. Learning from the City Planning Lab in selected municipalities in Indonesia

City of Denpasar, Indonesia

  1. Peer Learning and sharing on Kenya Devolution

Ministry of Devolution, Council of Governors, Kenya

  1. Learning from Medellin on transformational urban planning

ACI, Medellin

  1. Learning on Youth Employment in Cote d’Ivoire

Ministry of Youth, BCPE, Cote d’Ivoire

  1. Peer learning and Organizational Knowledge Sharing on Accounting best practice

Shanghai National Accounting Institute, China

  1. Peer learning on PFM good practices, Bangladesh

Ministry of Finance Bangladesh

  1. Technical Deep Dives to facilitate peer learning on urban development

Tokyo Development Learning Center, Japan

  1. Certificate Programs on Organizational Knowledge Sharing

Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia, Bangkok University

  1. The Global Development Learning Network GDLN as a global facilitator for peer learning

Global Development Learning Network GDLN, Korea Development Institute

  1. The South-South Facility Trust Fund

World Bank

  1. The Islamic Development Bank Reverse Linkages Program


  1. Best Practice of Technical Vocational Education Training in Indonesia

Ministry of Education, Indonesia & GIZ

  1. South-South Cooperation Indonesia

National Coordination Team of SSC, Indonesia & USAID

  1. The Global Delivery Initiative (GDI)

World Bank

  1. Global Partnership on Knowledge Sharing (GPKS)

World Bank