August 8, 2018

Parallel 3: Harnessing local solutions to foster local economic development .

Parallel Thematic Session 3

Harnessing local solutions to foster local economic development

Date and Time:
15 October 2018 | 15.00 – 16.30


  1. Anwar Sanusi
    General Secretary Ministry of Villages, Indonesia
  2. Representative of Private Sector
  3. Representative, CSO / local farmer association

Dan Vadnjal

Villages have now become the forefront of Government of Indonesia’s approach in accelerating local economic development. The villages communities are now being granted power to plan their own development agenda through the dana desa or village fund policy. Moreover, innovations are being encouraged and promoted through the program of Village Innovation Programs that allow villages to exchange and showcase their development ideas. This session aims to discuss and learn further from this exciting shift on policy approach in Indonesia and hopefully will be of inspiration for other countries.

Guiding questions:
1. What are effective local solutions that promote local economic development?
2. What should be done to further enhance capturing and sharing of local innovations to inspire national and international peers?
3. What are strategies to bring private and public-sector actors to work on a joint agenda towards improved local economic development?